This site has a 0/10 ign rating (wah certified)

here's some images and gifs:

and now, a staple of the server's history:To everyone in the toxic cesspit know as Waluigis domain, Hello! You know me as hereto_oberve, if you seeing this than that means I've finally snapped and I'm writing everything I hate about all of you, Geebz the lazy ass owner, you can't even manage your server properly, not to mention your mods barely enforce the rules,Slug, you are literally satans left testicle,Deltari, your the only one I can't hate, consider yourself lucky, Trevor, if I ever find a bigger normie than you, I'm killing myself, gyga, how the fuck did you get invited to a Hitler discord?!?!, Marie and Callie, I hope you taste good with seaweed and soy sauce, poyo, if Kirby ate you he'd get brain damage, mike, your just like every other south American aka always high, orange, you have the iq of the annoying orange, rafa, your shitposts make me need to shit, rev, your profile pic is more interesting than your personality, sheep, not even the Scottish would eat you, mariom, you need to shut up for once, Dom, your sister is more interesting, GayWario, aussie and lesbian? That goes together as well as sesame Street and the Cthulhu mythos, cheese, your personality is similar to moldy cheese, richy, I got nothing funny to say, I just think your an asshole, scroblin, I've seen funnier shitposts on 9gag, And finally everyone else, unless you guys actually talk and have fun in the community, you need to leave as your wasting space in here. That's all for now, fuck you all.


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